Backyard Beekeepers Tips

Backyard Beekeepers Tips

At Melita we love how more and more people are getting involved into backyard beekeeping. While we encourage people to have bee’s on their property, we are also committed to the protection of the industry. Therefor we want to promote sustainable beekeeping practices and this beings with every backyard beekeeper looking after his or her hives responsibly. There is plenty of information available through the National Beekeeping Association if you want to find our more. However we also strongly recommend using a fully managed beehive service like that of Kiwibees which ensures your bees health is being properly looked after each year. For more beekeeping tips follow us on Facebook and Twitter


Below are some great tips from Donald Crosby

Top tips for wannabe backyard beekeepers


I became interested in beekeeping after talking to my uncle, who is a beekeeper, and observing how few bees were around to pollinate fruit trees. Having started with one hive, I am building numbers with a medium term goal of 80 hives. I love it because it’s outdoors and directly helps the environment. Plus, honey fresh from the hive is amazing!

Before starting out as a hobby beekeeper there are some tips you need to know:

1. Check local rules as some councils do not allow back yard beehives.

2. Having your hives side by side is a lot easier long term. It means you can transfer frames of stores/brood between the two, if one hive is weak.

3. Check the location of your hives on your property. Bees take-off from the hive in the same way aircraft take-off from a runway so you want their flight path to be away from your washing line and whoever lives next door.

If the hive is pointed toward a doorway or gateway, having the bees fly past can be in unnerving and increase the risk of stings.

If bees are flying past washing a lot they leave little brown stains on anything white, which isn’t very good.

4. Read a Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand a few months before you get your first hive. This is a very good book and will tell you everything you need to know.

5. Obey the rules regarding recording and reporting, it is about protecting the industry.

6. Join a club! You can learn a lot from others

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