Bee Aware Month 2015

Bee Aware Month 2015

Bee Aware Month is an annual initiative of The National Beekeepers Association. It began in 2013 with the intention of educating New Zealanders about bees and their importance to our livelihood, environment and economy.

Considering the role bees play in our business, Melita is a strong supporter of this great initiative. During September we will be promoting Bee Aware month. Melita has got some great New Zealand companies on board with the campaign and have put together “Bee Friendly” prize packs which can be won during the month.

There are lots of ways to help our bees, as this years campaign is aimed to help “Feed the Bees” we got some great advice for planting bee friendly seeds from Maureen Conquer who is behind Wild Forage Ltd, The National Beekeepers Association Executive and New Zealand’s regional president for the Oceania Commission of Apimondia, the Rome-based international federation of beekeeping associations.

Bees need our help. One way we can help — Bee Friendly planting.

Our wild flower seed blend has 17 different varieties of seeds and is easy to sow and easy to grow. It provides a long flowering period of nectar and pollen for Bees. Just clear the area you wish to plant from weeds and lightly till the soil. Scatter the seeds, some are very fine like dust so mixing with a little fine dry sand can help see where they have landed. Then I just gently rack the surface with my fingers or a wide rack. Wildflower seeds only like to be covered about the same diameter as the seed it self so might be only 1-2 mm. The like all germinating seeds require moisture for 5 or 6 weeks to germinate and become established. So if you are in a dry area you may need a little irrigation. When flowering is over leave the flowers to dry off and seed down. I usually just run over with the seedeater and leave the cuttings to mulch. This way they will seed down and hopefully pop up again next year. This can look a little messy as they die off, so i advise have wildflower areas under trees in orchards or at the edges of gardens with “tidy” mown or tilled areas alongside. or of course you can sow large meadows…we can quote on bulk seed.

Purchase your Wildflower seed rescue remedy

All proceeds from the sale of these seeds will go to the national Beekeepers’ Association of NZ to help New Zealand Bees. 

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