James & Wells and NZCTA Delegation

James & Wells and NZCTA Delegation

James & Wells and NZCTA hosted a delegation from the Yunnan province in June and invited Brandon Tan our International Marketing and Sales Manager to attended. This event enabled Melita to build valuable networks in the lucrative Chinese market.

The delegation was led by two officials from Provincial Department of Commerce of Yunnan, together with representatives from the businesses below:

  • Kunming Hengyuan Food Industry Co., Ltd
  • Baoshan Changning Black Tea Group Co., Ltd
  • Spring International Agricultural Group
  • Kunming Juyding Trade Co., Ltd
  • Kunming Lanshun Aoniu Co., Ltd
  • Yunnan DIAN BAO FANG Trading Co., Ltd
  • West Tibet Zhengbao Wine Co., Ltd
  • Yunnan Xin-Yin Imp & Exp Trading Co., Ltd

Each representative from New Zealand and China gave a short speech to introduce themselves to all the other participants.

After the event’s brief, the Chinese Delegation were able to freely talk and exchange information with the New Zealand’s companies’ representative, at our products display venue which was great as contacts have been exchanged for the possible cooperation opportunity in the near future.

Overall, it was nice to meet with the Chinese delegation as it is quite helpful to get know more about the economic development in Yunnan Province of China.

Brandon also met with the New Zealand China Trade Association; they have a pretty good connection with New Zealand Chinese local traders.

It is good that James and Wells and NZCTA hold these events to get the delegation from different countries to communicate adequately.

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