Lydia Hu comes to visit the Melita team

Lydia Hu comes to visit the Melita team

At Melita we love to involve our distributors in what we do, so in July we invited one of our new distributors, Lydia Hu, down to visit the Melita team at our Head Office in Hastings, New Zealand. This was a great opportunity to be able to show her and her colleagues what we do at our Manuka honey extraction plant, packing facilities and production warehouse. We presented Lydia with her very own custom made Melita bee suit, which unfortunately she could not use on the day due to the extremely cold weather but next time she comes to visit Hawkes Bay she will be very excited to get back into her bee suit to experience Manuka honey in its native environment, the bee hive.


Lydia had this to share about her experience with Melita.

One and half years ago when I landed in New Zealand it was quite strange place for me. I am now much more familiar with this green land, it’s products and it’s people.  New Zealand Manuka honey is famous around the world, and I was lucky to meet Melita who have a long history in bee keeping and the Manuka honey business.  Melita are professional, efficient, they know their honey and love nature. It was a great experience to be able to visit their head office and learn more about their business.

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