What makes our honey so different?

What makes our honey so different?

Ever wondered what makes our honey so different?

We would love for you to understand us better. What our vision is, our focus, our desire, and what makes Melita different from the rest. So here it is – Our story…

In 1959 Leon Janson purchased his first bees. Little did he know these were the humble beginnings of a family company spanning generations, a company distributing the highest quality manuka honey to consumers all over the world. Leon’s grandson Hamish now oversees our bee-keeping operations continuing his family tradition with passion, pride and respect.

We are committed to maintaining the integrity and purity of our bee’s honey. Hand collected from remote and isolated manuka sites throughout New Zealand, Hamish and his team work tirelessly to harvest and produce the worlds very best manuka honey. We believe in letting nature speak for itself by allowing our honey to remain as raw and unprocessed as possible. As a company we take immense satisfaction in our ability to witness the bee’s collecting their honey in the isolation of the New Zealand landscape, and then personally extract the honey from the bee frames.

Our honey is then taken through quality testing and a slow and careful packing process to deliver the final product to our very satisfied customers. It is only through controlling all stages in the process of producing honey that a company can truly stand for and guarantee the quality of their product. Today we continue to collect and now globally supply honey in its raw unprocessed form, just as Leon Janson did back in 1959.

We recognize that in essence our honey is not our own, but rather a most valuable gift from nature itself. Sustainability and health of our planet is a primary concern for our company for without it our product would cease to exist. Creating and maintaining a sustainable future begins with every individual’s recognition and conscious decision to make ecological improvements in their day-to-day actions. We understand that the real value in our product stems directly from the land it is harvested from, and the freshness of the air that surrounds it.

The true value is in the beauty of an untouched, uncontaminated landscape and the un-evolved wilderness that provides such a healthy habitat for bees to collect their honey, something that could never be replicated in a laboratory or amongst smog and pollution. Nature’s beauty needs to be protected not just for this generation or this lifetime but forever and beyond. It all begins with us, and how we choose to conduct our business.

Our companies packaging is fully recyclable, right down to the recycled cardboard pallets our jars are shipped on. Our desire to create and maintain a sustainable future for the honey industry and the earth itself prompts Melita to continually develop and cultivate ecological methods of running our company. As we grow, expand and strengthen our industry relationships, we strive to encourage others to join us in our quest for a sustainable future.

Integrity and quality is the heart and soul of Melita. It is with trust and an unbridled passion for what we do that enables our business to thrive and our natural and working environment to flourish.

Melita prides itself on its word and works tirelessly to produce and deliver a product of exceptional quality with no corners cut and attention to every detail. We understand that being the best means providing the best. Constantly developing our methods, goals and relationships, we work everyday not just as a team but also as a family.

We strive to do more than provide beautiful, quality honey, both directly and indirectly, honey plays a major role in the nourishment and health of our families. Caring for our bees and protecting their environment enables their entire ecosystem to flourish. They pollinate flowers that colour our earth and enable our fruits and vegetables to ripen and grow.

Our desire to continuously improve our processes, our methods, our people and our quality drive us in our daily pursuit to be just that little bit different. It is through that desire that we are able to set our ourselves and our products apart. Care for your body, your family and your environment and do so with the support of Melita Honey.

With Thanks,
The Melita Team

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